Changes to Supported Programs

Giving What We Can is spinning out of its parent organisation, Effective Ventures, and has set up its own entities in the US and UK. As part of this process, we've updated the list of organisations that are available for donors to support on our platform. (Please see our inclusion criteria for details.)

Supported Programs (As of 1 April, 2024)

These programs are listed in alphabetical order.

80,000 Hours (High-Impact Careers Support)
Action for Happiness (Wellbeing Programs)
Against Malaria Foundation (Bednets To Prevent Malaria)
Animal Charity Evaluators (Animal Charity Evaluations)
Animal Charity Evaluators (Recommended Charity Fund)
Animal Charity Evaluators (Movement Grants Program)
Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence (CHAI) (AI Safety Research and Field Building)
Center on Long-Term Risk (Center on Long-Term Risk Fund)
Center on Long-Term Risk (AI Safety Research and Field Building)
Centre for Effective Altruism (Effective Altruism Field Building)
Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI) (AI Governance Field Building)
Charity Entrepreneurship (Charity Research & Incubation)
Charity Entrepreneurship (Incubated Charities Fund)
Clean Air Task Force (Climate Research & Advocacy)
Credence Institute (Animal Advocacy Africa)
EA Funds (Animal Welfare Fund)
EA Funds (Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund)
EA Funds (Global Health & Development Fund)
EA Funds (Long-Term Future Fund)
EA Funds (Grantmaking Operations)
Effective Altruism Australia (Effective Giving Advocacy)
Evidence Action (Safe Water Now)
Evidence Action (Deworm the World)
Family Empowerment Media (Family Planning Campaigns)
Faunalytics (Animal Welfare Research)
Fish Welfare Initiative (Farmed Fish Welfare Improvements)
Founders Pledge (Climate Change Fund)
Founders Pledge (Effective Giving Research & Advocacy)
Founders Pledge (Global Health & Development Fund)
Founders Pledge (Patient Philanthropy Fund)
Founders Pledge (Global Catastrophic Risks Fund)
GiveDirectly (Direct Cash Transfers)
GiveWell (Top Charities Fund)
GiveWell (All Grants Fund)
GiveWell (Unrestricted Fund)
Giving Green (Giving Green Grantmaking Fund)
Giving Green (Effective Giving Research & Advocacy)
Giving What We Can (Effective Animal Advocacy Fund)
Giving What We Can (Global Health and Wellbeing Fund)
Giving What We Can (Risks and Resilience Fund)
Giving What We Can (Effective Giving Research & Advocacy)
Giving What We Can (Donor Lottery)
Giving What We Can (Donation Platform)
Giving What We Can (Charity Elections)
Good Energy Collective (Nuclear Energy Policy Research & Development)
Good Food Institute (Advancing Alternative Proteins)
Happier Lives Institute (Human Wellbeing Research and Advocacy)
Helen Keller International (Vitamin A Supplementation)
High Impact Athletes (Maximum Good Portfolio)
High Impact Athletes (Global Health and Poverty Portfolio)
High Impact Athletes (Environmental Portfolio)
High Impact Athletes (Effective Giving Advocacy)
High Impact Athletes (Animal Welfare Portfolio)
Industrious Labs (Industrious Labs)
Lead Exposure Elimination Project (Lead Policy Advocacy)
Longview Philanthropy (Effective Giving Research and Advocacy)
Longview Philanthropy (Nuclear Weapons Policy Fund)
Longview Philanthropy (Emerging Challenges Fund)
Malaria Consortium (Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention)
New Incentives (Cash Incentives for Childhood Vaccinations)
Nuclear Threat Initiative (Global Biological Policy and Programs)
Rethink Priorities (Global Priorities Research)
Secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations (Future Generations Policy)
Sightsavers (Deworming Program)
Social Change Lab (Social Movement Research)
StrongMinds (Mental Health Programs)
Suvita (Childhood Immunisation Campaigns)
Teaching at the Right Level Africa (African Education Program)
The Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins (Pandemic Prevention Program)
The Humane League (Corporate Animal Welfare Campaigns)
The Life You Can Save (Effective Giving Research & Advocacy)
Unlimit Health (Deworming Program)
Wild Animal Initiative (Wild Animal Welfare Research and Field Building)