Longview Philanthropy

Longview Philanthropy

Longview Philanthropy connects the world’s leading philanthropists with outstanding opportunities to protect future generations.

What problem is Longview Philanthropy working on?

Longview Philanthropy aspires to a world in which the interests of future generations are fairly considered in decisions about how, when, and where to invest resources. It harnesses the unique power of philanthropy and philanthropic capital to make that world a reality.

Longview focuses on global challenges that could transform our future for many generations to come, including safely navigating emerging technologies and fostering a society with a more long-term outlook.

What does Longview Philanthropy do?

Longview Philanthropy designs and executes bespoke giving strategies for major donors. Its grant recommendations are driven by the conviction that we can use evidence and reason to find the highest-impact opportunities in the world.

Everything Longview Philanthropy offers is free, independent, and reviewed by external experts, and is guided by its core values:

  • Longtermism: Our collective future could be extraordinarily good or inordinately bad. Longview believes this generation has the power to influence which path humanity takes, and it is essential that we act responsibly.
  • A scientific mindset: Wherever possible, Longview is informed by the latest research from the natural and social sciences, and it acts on the best available balance of evidence.
  • Intellectual honesty: Informed by world-class expertise, Longview only makes the grant recommendations that it thinks are best. It does not merely tell its philanthropists what they want to hear.

This charity meets the requirements to be supported by Giving What We Can as an unlisted charity — read more about our inclusion criteria.

Why donate through the Giving What We Can donation platform?

Your donations through our portal are tax deductible in the UK, US, and the Netherlands. Giving What We Can does not take any fees from donors using our platform or from charities listed on our platform. We are independently funded to promote our mission of making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. Read more on our transparency page.

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