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When (UTC)EventWhereEvent link
5 Apr at 08:30 UTC (6:30pm Melbourne time)Melbourne: Giving Effectively TogetherIn personRegister
8 Apr at 22:00 UTCApril Meetup with Liz Hixson from New Incentives (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
20 Apr at 07:00 UTCApril Open Forum (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
7 May at 09:30 UTCMay Meetup (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
18 May at 00:30 UTCMay Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
3 Jun at 22:00 UTCJune Meetup (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
15 Jun at 07:00 UTCJune Open Forum (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
2 Jul at 09:30 UTCJuly Meetup (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
20 Jul at 00:30 UTCJuly Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
5 Aug at 22:00 UTCAugust Meetup (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
17 Aug at 08:00 UTCAugust Open Forum (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
3 Sep at 09:30 UTCSeptember Meetup (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
21 Sep at 00:30 UTCSeptember Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
7 Oct at 22:00 UTCOctober Meetup (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
19 Oct at 07:00 UTCOctober Open Forum (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
5 Nov at 09:30 UTCNovember Meetup (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister
16 Nov at 01:30 UTCNovember Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
2 Dec at 22:00 UTCDecember Meetup (Americas/Oceania)OnlineRegister
21 Dec at 08:00 UTCDecember Open Forum (Europe/Asia)OnlineRegister