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Giving What We Can is a community of effective givers. We provide the support, community, and information you need to do the most good with your charitable donations.

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Learn how to give more effectively

We have created a guide full of practical advice from effective giving experts to help you do more good with your donations.

This guide answers key questions about effective giving and includes expert recommendations so that you can be even more impactful with your donations across a wide range of causes.

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What we do


We provide information and expert advice to help you pick important causes and find high-impact charities.

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We are a community of 8,469 people who are united by our passion for creating a better world. We support each other in giving more effectively and would love you to join us.

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You can do even more good by taking a public pledge than you might by donating on your own. A pledge helps us to live up to our values and inspires others.

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“It’s really incredible how much people in our community donate and how much they think about how to use those donations to help people as much as possible. I really feel it’s helped me to live up to my values and I hope it’ll make a better world for [my son] Leo to grow up in.”
- Michelle Hutchinson, Member

We support high-impact causes

Our research has identified four cause areas that provide especially promising opportunities to do good.

Global health and development

There are hundreds of millions of people in low-income countries whose lives could be improved (and, in some cases, saved) by evidence- based, cost-effective interventions. By supporting charities carrying out these interventions, you can protect a child from suffering from preventable disease, or substantially change a family's economic situation for the better.

Some high-impact solutions:

Improving animal welfare

At any given moment around 31 billion land animals are being raised in horrid conditions in factory farms so they can be slaughtered for food. Countless wild animals experience unnecessary suffering. There are effective ways to reduce this suffering, yet only a tiny proportion of charity goes to helping non-human animals.

Some high-impact solutions:

Safeguarding the long-term future

Our actions today can affect future generations, yet very few resources are spent ensuring that the future goes well. Promising work in this area involves preventing global catastrophes and making our world more resilient to threats.

Some high-impact solutions:

Advocating for effective altruism

Effective altruism is a movement and set of ideas about using reason and evidence to do as much good as possible, and taking action on that basis. Advocating for effective altruism can involve building the effective altruism community, developing ideas around how to be most effective with our resources, or encouraging others to be more effective in their altruism.

Some recommended areas:

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