Giving Green

Giving Green

Giving Green is a research and advocacy initiative promoting cost-effective giving to fight climate change through public guides for donors, businesses, and investors.

This charity meets the requirements to be supported by Giving What We Can as an unlisted charity — read more about our inclusion criteria.

Giving Green's primary activity is conducting research to identify cost-effective giving opportunities in climate. It assesses the landscape of climate philanthropy to identify important, tractable, and neglected interventions, and assesses organisations working on those interventions for their theory of change, cost-effectiveness, and room for more funding.

Its recommendations include top giving opportunities for philanthropic individuals and institutions, specific giving opportunities for donors with constrained preferences, carbon offsets and removals for net-zero businesses, and guidance for climate-conscious investors.

Giving Green then works to promote top organisations through partners and media channels. It aims to reach a wide audience with its research, including those not previously familiar with cost-effective approaches to giving. Its work has been featured in The Atlantic, The New York Times, TIME, and more. So far, Giving Green has directed over 10 times its own budget to its top-recommended organisations.

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