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Suvita sends text message reminders to caregivers in India to remind them to get their children vaccinated. It also builds a network of ambassadors who share information with new parents in their community about local vaccine clinics.

What does Suvita do?

Suvita’s mission is to “work towards a world in which every child has access to their basic vaccinations."

To achieve, this, Suvita:

  • Works with local NGOs, health centres, and the state government to send text message reminders to bring infants to free, government-provided vaccination clinics.
  • Invites opinion leaders to be immunisation ambassadors, and keeps them updated with details of local monthly immunisation clinics.

Founders Pledge reportsthat half of the world’s undervaccinated children are in India. Suvita reports having sent SMS reminders to over 200,000 caregivers across seven states in India.

Why is Suvita a top-rated charity?

Suvita meets our criteria to be a top-rated charity based on the recommendation of one of our trusted evaluators, Founders Pledge. Further, Founders Pledge’s Global Health and Development Fund provided a $50,000 USD grant to Suvita in 2022 — see its writeup here.

For more information on Suvita, we recommend checking GiveWell’s analyses of Charity Science Health, which merged with Suvita in 2020. You can also check our page on improving human wellbeing.

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