Suvita sends text message reminders to mothers in India to remind them to get their children vaccinated.

Charity Science Health (CSH) merged with Suvita during 2020. This page is awaiting a review following the merger.

What is Charity Science Health's mission?

CSH's mission is to cost-effectively "expand immunization coverage across India."

What does Charity Science Health do?

  • CSH partners with health systems in India to reach pregnant mothers and other caregivers and sign them up for the text message program.
  • They work with government systems and NGOs to send text message reminders to program participants.
  • It costs less than $1 to find participants' phone numbers through existing data collection systems. It costs only 3 cents to send each reminder.

Why do we recommend Charity Science Health?

  • CSH's text message program is informed by research and evidence.
  • Evidence suggests that text message reminders increase vaccination rates by about 7%.
  • Text message reminders are inexpensive and easy to scale --- that is, they can easily reach an increasing number of people over time.
  • In 2016 and 2017, CSH received approximately $550,000 in the form of two incubation grants from GiveWell.
  • In 2019, Open Philanthropy gave CSH a $214,425 "exit grant" to support its operations through May 2020, allowing it to seek other sources of funding.

Fast Facts

  • In India, only about 65% of children received all recommended vaccinations. As a result, approximately 1.2 million people die of preventable diseases each year.
  • CSH sends text messages to mothers in India to remind them to get their children vaccinated.
  • CSH is a GiveWell-incubated nonprofit that grew out of Charity Entrepreneurship.