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Founders Pledge: Global Catastrophic Risks Fund

Founders Pledge: Global Catastrophic Risks Fund

The Founders Pledge Global Catastrophic Risks Fund supports highly impactful solutions to help prevent the most severe global catastrophes.

The Global Catastrophic Risks Fund will identify and fund interventions to reduce the largest known risks to humanity today. Humanity faces large and growing risks, including war between great powers, nuclear war, risks from artificial intelligence, catastrophic biological risks, and emerging threats. This Fund is designed to both tackle far-future threats, and to take action now and help protect every human being alive today.

This Fund aims to:

  • Reduce the probability of large-scale catastrophic events.
  • Mitigate the potential negative impacts of these events.
  • Improve our ability to anticipate new and emerging risks on the horizon.

Its grantmaking will take a balanced approach to existential and catastrophic risks.

This fund meets our criteria to be a top-rated fund because it is managed by one of our trusted evaluators.

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