Good Energy Collective

Good Energy Collective

Good Energy Collective is a women-led, worker self-directed policy nonprofit developing and advancing community-centered, equitable policies for nuclear energy.

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What does Good Energy Collective do?

Good Energy Collective is building the progressive case for nuclear energy to align with environmental justice and sustainability goals.

Jessica Lovering, Suzanne Hobbs Baker, and Rachel Slaybaugh — experts in nuclear energy and energy policy, communications, and technology innovation — co-founded Good Energy Collective in 2020. Good Energy staff members are fully remote. The organisation is incorporated in Maryland.

In December 2021, Good Energy Collective became an early thought-leader in the now-mainstream conversation over how and where to transition fossil-fueled plants to nuclear energy, publishing a policy report on opportunities for new nuclear energy to support communities facing coal retirements. The well-received report detailed potentially suitable places for small modular reactors to repower retiring coal plants and preceded the U.S. Energy Department’s own September 2022 analysis identifying such sites.

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