StrongMinds is scaling effective depression treatment in Africa, leveraging existing government and NGO infrastructure to bring proven therapy to our patients’ communities.

“In Africa, 66 million women are living with depression, and 85% have no access to treatment. StrongMinds provides free, group talk therapy to low-income women and adolescents in Uganda and Zambia. They scale their reach through peer-to-peer therapy, teletherapy, public education, and partnerships, treating tens of thousands of individuals each year.

Those who complete StrongMinds therapy achieve clinically significant reductions in depression symptoms.

Women who complete StrongMinds therapy groups often remain in touch after the conclusion of treatment. Many report that they now have someone to turn to for social and emotional support. They are also better able to recognize the signs of depression in themselves and others and deploy the emotional tools StrongMinds has taught them to prevent future depressive episodes.”

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