Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI)

Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI)

GovAI’s mission is to build a global research community dedicated to helping humanity navigate the transition to a world with advanced AI.

What problem is the Centre for the Governance of AI (GovAI) working on?

AI has the potential to be a radically transformative technology. Continued progress could bring profoundly important benefits, including major scientific advances and reductions in illness and poverty. However, this progress could also bring substantial risks. Research is urgently needed to understand the implications of advanced AI.

GovAI believes that positive outcomes may require the development of new global norms, policies, and institutions. GovAI aims to define and map the field of AI governance and address the most important and neglected research questions.

What does GovAI do?

GovAI conducts research that is guided by its research agenda and theory of impact, and draws on political science, computer science, economics, law, and philosophy. Its research has been published in leading journals and has been used to advise decision-makers in government, private industry, and civil society.

In addition, GovAI:

Examples its recent successes include:

  • A paper written by GovAI's founder and president, Allan Dafoe, led to the creation of the Cooperative AI Foundation, which aims to "support research that will improve the cooperative intelligence of advanced AI systems for the benefit of all of humanity" and has already received $15 million USD in funding.
  • GovAI's alumni have gone into policy roles in the US government, the European Union, top AI Labs (such as DeepMind and OpenAI) and think tanks such as the Center for Security and Emerging Technology.
  • Many grantmakers and charity evaluators interested in funding work that could improve the long-term future have supported GovAI. This includes grants from Open Philanthropy, the Survival and Flourishing Fund, and others listed in GovAI's annual report.

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