Animal Advocacy Africa

Animal Advocacy Africa

Cause area: Improving animal welfare

Animal Advocacy Africa works to empower animal advocates who are (interested in) doing work to reduce farmed animal suffering in African countries. They share knowledge, provide connections, and help them build the skills to run an impactful animal advocacy organisation.


What problem is Animal Advocacy Africa working on?

There are approximately 3.4 billion land-based farmed animals in Africa, and a shift towards intensive animal farming practices is expected to occur.

According to Animal Advocacy Africa, many animal welfare organisations and advocates lack funding: only $1 million USD went towards farmed animal advocacy work in Africa in 2020. Funders are interested in funding more African animal advocacy work, but are uncertain about the effectiveness of the work and the capacity of animal advocacy organisations in Africa.

What does Animal Advocacy Africa do?

Animal Advocacy Africa (AAA) works to strengthen the funding capacities and effectiveness of African animal advocacy organisations that are reducing animal suffering, particularly for farmed animals.

AAA does this through research of the animal advocacy landscape in Africa, as well as a structured, six-month programme for grassroots organisations to help them:

  • Overcome challenges, prepare for growth, and do more effective work that will help animals in relatively neglected geographic regions.
  • Be more structured, strategic, or professionalised.
  • Raise funds sustainably and build the critical components of effective, evidence-based charities.
  • Be prepared to reach a stage where they are ready for more funding, so funders are confident in the impact of their work.

AAA’s recent successes in building charities’ capacites include:

  • Increased an average charity's awareness about relevant funding opportunities by 40–50%.
  • Provided feedback on six grant applications to improve charities’ grantwriting abilities, helping them apply for $188,870 of grant funding in total.
  • Connected four volunteers to help five charities create or improve their web and social media presence.

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