Fish Welfare Initiative

Fish Welfare Initiative

Fish Welfare Initiative (FWI) researches and promotes better welfare standards for the billions of fish farmed for food each year.

What is Fish Welfare Initiative's mission?

Fish Welfare Initiative's mission is to "improve the welfare of fish as much as possible." Their focus is on the billions of fish farmed for food.

What does Fish Welfare Initiative do?

  • FWI researches the most promising ways to improve farmed fish welfare.
  • They partner with governments, NGOs, and fish producers to help implement better fish welfare standards and practices.
  • Currently, FWI is focused on India, the second highest national producer of fish in the world (after China).

Why do we recommend Fish Welfare Initiative?

  • FWI is focused on effectiveness. They want to improve fish welfare because they've identified it as one of the largest-scale, tractable, and neglected causes in the world.
  • FWI conducts research, and its work is informed by that research.
  • FWI was vetted by EA Funds in 2020 and received a grant from its Animal Welfare Fund.
  • EA Funds notes that FWI seems well-positioned to make an impact in India, particularly because it hired and partnered with experienced Indian animal advocates to lead the project.

Fast Facts

  • Approximately 73–180 billion fish are farmed for food each year.
  • According to FWI, fish farming (or “aquaculture”) is the fastest growing food sector in the world.
  • Farmed fish are raised in poor conditions. They are overcrowded and unable to move naturally, which can lead to stress, poor water quality, poor health outcomes, and high mortality rates.