Founders Pledge Patient Philanthropy Fund

Founders Pledge Patient Philanthropy Fund

The Patient Philanthropy Fund will invest contributions and deploy funds when they are needed most to safeguard and improve the long-term future.

The Patient Philanthropy Fund (PPF) takes a patient approach to philanthropy: it invests contributions until the time is optimal for it to make large grants aimed at improving the long-term future.

This means that - in addition to identifying the highest-impact giving opportunities at any particular point in time - it aims to identify the point in time when the highest-impact opportunities are available, which may be years, decades, or even centuries ahead.

The PPF is currently incubated as a special trust within Founders For Good - the Founders Pledge UK entity. It is managed by a Management Committee consisting of purpose-aligned experts on timing of giving. Our aim is to further develop and grow it over the coming 10 years and eventually spin it out as a separate charitable entity.

Accumulated contributions will be transferred to the PPF at least once a year in January, or whenever more than $100,000 in contributions has accumulated. Funds are only invested once they are transferred to PPF.

More information can be found on the PPF's website.

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