Industrious Labs

Industrious Labs

Industrious Labs develops advocacy campaigns to clean up industry. It builds networks of advocates, community leaders, and organisations to put industrial emissions on a path to decarbonise by 2045.


What problem is Industrious Labs working on?

Today, industry contributes 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest source of climate pollution. Industrious Labs’ mission is to decarbonise heavy industry by 2045. Its campaigns work to align strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with policies that expand good careers and address the health harms to local communities from industrial pollution.

What does Industrious Labs do?

Industrious Labs partners with foundations and advocates to develop campaign strategies, support the execution of campaigns, and develop diverse coalitions to tackle industrial sectors.

It does this through four main activities:

  1. Focused campaigns: Industrious Labs runs and supports advocacy campaigns that bring together stakeholders from climate, labour, national security, environmental justice, business, and more to run focused, strategic campaigns that adopt administrative policy, win corporate commitments, and lock in decisions that will drive the phase-out of fossil fuels in the industrial sector.
  2. Research and analysis: Advocates and policymakers lack the data and analysis to run strategic campaigns and make informed policy decisions that drive decarbonisation. Industrious Labs’ Analysis Department synthesises a wide array of unorganised data on emissions, economic output, demographics, and more — providing analysis that serves strategy development, campaign execution, and policy making.
  3. Capacity building: There are too few organisations working on industrial decarbonisation, especially organisations led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour. Industrious Labs works to recruit and support capacity building with stakeholders in key frontline communities to build the movement for industrial decarbonisation.
  4. Sharp communications: Industrial decarbonisation is a tremendous opportunity — not only to eliminate one third of US emissions, but also to restore American jobs, address harmful pollution that sickens environmental justice communities, and improve national security. Industrious Labs’ communications staff works with allied organisations to drive stories and build political will for change.

Industrious Labs launched in October 2022 after 16 months of incubation.

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