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The Humane League

The Humane League

Founded in 2005, The Humane League works in the US, UK, Mexico and Japan primarily on campaigns to improve animal welfare & grantmaking to build up the animal advocacy movement in different regions.

What does The Humane League do?

THL's mission is to "end the abuse of animals raised for food."

THL is one of the pioneering organisations in securing welfare improvement for animals raised in factory farms, with commitments from hundreds of major companies being made. This will affect the lives of millions of animals. Their impact also extends beyond the countries in which they work directly. Through their Open Wing Alliance work, they provide grants to build up the farmed animal welfare movement across the globe, and coordinate efforts to pressure multinational companies to commit to welfare improvements.

Is The Humane League effective?

We think THL is one of the top charities within farmed animal advocacy. THL primarily works on corporate campaigns, which research suggests may impact between 9 and 120 animals per dollar spent. Additionally, its international coordination work appears very promising, as factory farming is a global problem.

This is why THL was evaluated as one of Animal Charity Evaluators' top charities, and why we are also confident to recommend them for donors interested in improving animal welfare.

To find out more, see our animal welfare cause area page, Animal Charity Evaluators review of The Humane League.

Fast Facts

  • THL has secured commitments from hundreds of companies to improve the welfare standards for egg-laying hens and broiler chickens.
  • An estimated 69 billion chickens are slaughtered annually, the majority of which are raised in factory farms.
  • THL has an estimated room for more funding of around $5 million USD in 2022.
  • THL was founded in 2005, protesting the use of foie gras in restaurants in Philadelphia.
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