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All Grants Fund

The All Grants Fund seeks to improve global health and well-being by supporting the full range of GiveWell’s grantmaking to high-impact opportunities, including at organisations outside of its top charities.

What problem is the All Grants Fund working on?

The All Grants Fund supports the full range of GiveWell’s grantmaking to high-impact programs working to improve global health and wellbeing.

What projects does the All Grants Fund support?

GiveWell recommends the All Grants Fund for donors who want to contribute to the full range of its grantmaking. Donations to the All Grants Fund may be allocated to any grant that meets GiveWell's cost-effectiveness bar, including funding opportunities outside its top charities. This fund makes grants on a rolling basis, and is a good fit for donors who are open to multiple pathways to impact, including ones that are higher-risk.

The goal of GiveWell’s discretionary grantmaking is to support the highest-impact giving opportunities it identifies. Some grants have the goal of incubating or scaling newer programs that may become future top charities, based on GiveWell’s top charity criteria. Other grants promote policy change, fund research that may lead to much more cost-effective grant allocations in the future, or support other potentially high-impact, cost-effective initiatives consistent with GiveWell's mission to maximise global wellbeing.

See the Fund webpage for more information about how donations are allocated, past recipients, and plans for the future.

Unsure how a fund is different from a charity? See our page about why we recommend donors give to funds.

We investigated the impact-focused charity evaluator GiveWell as part of our 2023 evaluator investigations and concluded that GiveWell’s recommendations and grantmaking approach are well-suited to helping donors maximise the impact of their “dollar” in the global health and wellbeing space. You can read our report on GiveWell here.

Please note that GWWC does not evaluate individual charities. Our recommendations are based on the research of third-party, impact-focused charity evaluators our research team has found to be particularly well-suited to help donors do the most good per dollar, according to their recent evaluator investigations. Our other supported programs are those that align with our charitable purpose — they are working on a high-impact problem and take a reasonably promising approach (based on publicly-available information).

At Giving What We Can, we focus on the effectiveness of an organisation's work -- what the organisation is actually doing and whether their programs are making a big difference. Some others in the charity recommendation space focus instead on the ratio of admin costs to program spending, part of what we’ve termed the “overhead myth.” See why overhead isn’t the full story and learn more about our approach to charity evaluation.