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GiveWell: All Grants Fund

GiveWell: All Grants Fund

The All Grants Fund supports GiveWell’s grantmaking to high-impact opportunities.

GiveWell recommends the All Grants Fund for donors who want to contribute to the full range of its grantmaking. Donations to the All Grants Fund may be allocated to any grant that meets GiveWell's cost-effectiveness bar, including funding opportunities outside its top charities.

This fund makes grants on a rolling basis, and is a good fit for donors who are open to multiple pathways to impact, including ones that are higher-risk.

The goal of GiveWell’s discretionary grantmaking is to support the highest-impact giving opportunities it identifies, some of which may not be represented by organisations on its top charities list. Some grants have the goal of incubating, scaling, or getting more certainty around a potential future top charity. Other grants are made purely on the basis of expected value, regardless of the recipient’s top charity status. For example, when GiveWell doesn't think an organisation is likely to ever meet its top charity criteria, but an opportunity is cost-effective and consistent with GiveWell's mission to maximise global wellbeing, it may still make a grant to support the organisation’s work.

This fund meets our criteria to be a top-rated fund because it is managed by one of our trusted evaluators.

Giving What We Can does not take any fees from donors using our platform or from charities listed on our platform. We are independently funded to promote our mission of making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. Read more on our transparency page.
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