Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge empowers entrepreneurs to do immense good by conducting rigorous charity research and advising its members on how to maximise their impact through strategic philanthropy.

What does Founders Pledge do?

Founders Pledge is a community of entrepreneurs committed to finding and funding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. On joining, every member makes a legally binding pledge to commit a chosen portion of their personal wealth to charity. Founders Pledge then helps them understand and elevate their social impact, offering bespoke philanthropic strategies based on the latest evidence from the sector.

Founders Pledge offers a streamlined path to impact for successful entrepreneurs, providing end-to-end giving infrastructure, charity research, and a worldwide network of experts.

Since launching in 2015, the Founders Pledge community has collectively pledged over $7 billion to social causes, with over $700 million donated into the charity sector. Spanning 35 countries and 1,700 members, it includes the people behind industry-leading companies such as DeepMind, Skype, Spotify, Uber, and Planet.

Why is Founders Pledge listed on our donation platform?

Founders Pledge is one of our trusted evaluators and therefore meets our criteria to be listed on our platform.

Giving What We Can does not take any fees from donors using our platform or from charities listed on our platform. We are independently funded to promote our mission of making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. Read more on our transparency page.
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