Center on Long-Term Risk Fund

Center on Long-Term Risk Fund

The Center on Long-Term Risk Fund supports promising projects and individuals that are working to build a global community of researchers and professionals dedicated to reducing involuntary suffering due to emerging technologies.


What problem is the Center on Long-Term Risk Fund working on?

The Center on Long-Term Risk (CLR) works to address worst-case risks from the development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence systems, with a current focus on conflict scenarios and the technical and philosophical aspects of cooperation.

What projects does the Center on Long-Term Risk Fund support?

The CLR Fund primarily supports individuals who want to make research contributions to CLR’s current priority areas. However, it will also support other high-quality projects if its fund managers believe it will contribute to reducing risks of suffering (now or in the future).

Recent grant recipients include:

  • Asher Soryl — research on the ethics of panspermia.
  • Bogdan-Ionut Cirstea — year-long research project on short AI timelines.
  • Nandy Schoots — three-month research project on simplicity bias in neural nets.

For more information about how donations are allocated, see the list of past recipients and the grantmaking porcess on the CLR website.

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