Top Charities

With people dying every day of preventable diseases and malnutrition, it is critical that we donate to the most effective charities possible. The difference between charities is astounding. Some do 1,000 times as much good with their donations as others!

We strongly recommend donating to these charities. To the best of our knowledge, based on assessments of these charities, these are the most cost-effective charities in the world:

Well Established Charities

Against Malaria Foundation fights malaria by distributing long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets.

Schistosomiasis Control Initiative treats neglected tropical diseases by supplying medicine via schools.

Against Malaria Foundation and Schistosomiasis Control Initiative have a proven track record of high-impact interventions and we are confident of their continuing success.

Promising Charities

Deworm the World Initiative treats neglected tropical diseases by working with governments.

Project Healthy Children improves the health of children by fortifying staple foods.

Deworm the World and Project Healthy Children work with governments and there is thus less certainty of success of their programmes, though they have the potential to make an enormous impact.