Charity Entrepreneurship: Incubated Charities Fund

Charity Entrepreneurship: Incubated Charities Fund

Charity Entrepreneurship is a research and training programme that incubates multiple effective charities annually.

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Donations will be granted directly to Charity Entrepreneurship's incubated charities.

Charity Entrepreneurship aims to strengthen the NGO sector by launching multiple new charities annually based on effective altruist principles.

It achieves this through an extensive research process that identifies high-impact, evidence-based ways to reduce suffering and a cost-covered Incubation Program that helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch these interventions. Its focus areas include health and development policy, mental health, family planning, animal advocacy, and EA Meta.

How it works:

  1. Each year, Charity Entrepreneurship puts thousands of research hours into identifying the most promising charity ideas. Its key criteria: highly cost-effective and ready to launch.
  2. It provides two months of free training to aspiring entrepreneurs with the greatest chance of starting these new nonprofits.
  3. It offers seed grants of up to $200,000, legal support, and ongoing mentorship to launch the most promising charities.
  4. Its ecosystem of researchers, volunteers, donors, and mentors enables these new charities to move quickly and achieve impact.

As of 2022, Charity Entrepreneurship has helped to launch 18 charities. These charities have already fundraised over $3 million USD and been recognised by top grantmakers like GiveWell, EA Funds, and Open Philanthropy. For example, Suvita is helping over 200,000 caregivers in India, and Fortify Health has secured multiple GiveWell grants and has a 25% chance of joining their list of the world’s top charities.

Why is Charity Entrepreneurship listed on our platform?

Charity Entrepreneurship meets our criteria to be listed on our platform because:

  • Our research team believes they are doing impactful work across multiple high-impact causes.
  • Some of their incubated charities have since been supported by our trusted evaluators (for example, Suvita is now one of our top-rated charities based on analysis conducted by Founders Pledge).
  • To our knowledge, Charity Entrepreneurship has not yet been directly evaluated by any of our trusted evaluators.

All the above mean that we believe Charity Entrepreneurship meets our criteria as an organisation doing "highly promising work in a high-impact cause area, but hasn’t been evaluated yet." See our inclusion criteria.

Giving What We Can does not take any fees from donors using our platform or from charities listed on our platform. We are independently funded to promote our mission of making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. Read more on our transparency page.
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