Effectiveness Outside Poverty Relief

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Giving What We Can focuses its research on poverty relief in the developing world. We have found that the best charities working in this area are doing incredible work, and that donations to these charities can do an amazing amount of good.

However, it is plausible that there may be even more effective ways to improve the lives of others, which fall outside of the scope of our research. There’s certainly plenty of evidence that non-poverty focused interventions can achieve incredible things: Just consider the impact of the campaigns which led to women’s enfranchisement and the abolition of slavery!

Giving What We Can is interested in helping others as much as possible with our donations, and we welcome anyone who shares this goal. For this reason, our Pledge does not restrict you to developing world charities: The only requirement is that you give to the charities which you believe to be the most effective in the world.

With this in mind, here are some links to organisations which share our commitment to seeking out the most effective interventions, but which focus on areas other than poverty relief:

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