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May 2021 Newsletter

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25 May 2021

Welcome to our May newsletter!


We're thrilled to announce that we've just passed 6,000 members of The Pledge! We're growing faster than ever, with 1,000 new members in only eight months.

Thanks in no small part to those of you who have helped spread the word!

We hope to continue our growth by exploring new avenues, including appearing on more podcasts, collaborating with YouTube channels, giving talks in workplaces and universities, and developing original rich content. Please let us know if you can help us with any of these (or in any other ways).

We also ask that you take a few minutes to send a message to your favourite content creators suggesting that they cover these topics, have us as a guest, or collaborate with us.

We hope you enjoy the rest of this newsletter which will cover our upcoming events, the latest from our blog, and news and updates about effective giving.

Attend an Online Event

Come along and meet other people who are committed to effectively using their resources to improve the world:

If you have any questions or want to discuss your donation decisions with other members or our team, we recommend registering for an Open Forum event. See all our events.

News and Updates

Giving What We Can

Our volunteers have released more in our myths about charity series:

Our members' "other comments" written when signing up to a pledge give us so much inspiration that we decided to share some -- we hope reading them inspires you too.

We will be sponsoring up to 20 schools to run charity elections in 2021. We have also made significant updates to the Giving Games platform and its resources (we invite you to apply for sponsorship).

Rutger Bregman, Dutch historian and author, recently took the Giving What We Can Pledge (adding to the number of prominent GWWC members) and discussed effective altruism on his podcast and in a column 'If you believe everyone is equal, why are you so rich?' in De Correspondent (both in Dutch).

We recently profiled members Achim Fischbach (an MBA student in Germany) and Sonya & Carl Christensen (retired librarian and social worker from the USA).

Member Floris Wolswikj wrote why he dedicated his birthday to the Against Malaria Foundation and helped us launch a guide to running birthday fundraisers.

So much of our progress this month is due to our fantastic team of volunteers (of which you're welcome to join!).


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