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Member Profile: Achim Fischbach

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29 Apr 2021

This profile is part of the "People of Giving What We Can" series.


Achim Fischbach is currently pursuing an MBA in Munich, Germany. First, he studied computer science in the armed forces. During this time, he experienced a shift in worldview.

"A colleague of mine said to me once that I had too much free time for thinking during my studies, which is true, because I became a libertarian during this time."

Achim's growing commitment to libertarian principles eventually led him to leave the military due as a conscientious objector. After leaving the military, he worked as an IT specialist and studied philosophy. He explains, "I am curious about all kinds of philosophical, social, and political topics, and always eager to learn more."

In addition to leading him away from the military, Achim's interest in libertarianism sparked his interest in effective altruism. He first learned about the movement at a Students for Liberty conference he organised in Germany. Achim didn't immediately join the movement, but the core ideas impressed him. Recently, Achim listened to Sam Harris' conversation with Will MacAskill, Being Good and Doing Good. The conversation persuaded him to take the Giving What We Can Pledge.

Reflecting on the causes he's most passionate about, Achim says: "I am deeply interested in human liberty and dignity, and, to an extent, in the development of liberal institutions that work toward peace, prosperity, and a good life for people around the world." Achim does not find it particularly difficult to give. Instead, he is grateful for what he has.

"I know that I am very lucky and well-situated [...]. Because I am thankful, and because I know I did not earn my good fortune, I want to help others, too."

After finishing his MBA, Achim plans to resume his support of the Network for Constitutional Economics and Social Philosophy. He also plans to dedicate some time to writing articles, doing translations, and other activities.

This interview is part of the “People of Giving What We Can" series which profiles a selection of the Giving What We Can community. The Giving What We Can is a community of people from all walks of life, with different perspectives and motivations for giving – all united by their desire to make a significant commitment to use their income to effectively helping others. Read more member stories. Share your effective giving story to help inspire others to give more, and more effectively.

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