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Giving Is Receiving

Greetings from the Protection of Civilians (PoC) camp in Bentiu, Unity State northern South Sudan. I’m here working with UNICEF South Sudan as a communications specialist for the polio eradication program.

That paragraph should suggest that Giving What We Can is a natural and almost automatic fit for me. But I’m happy/sorry to say I am a new recruit to Giving What We Can.

When is systemic change a good idea?

I left off my last post considering when you might want to pursue systemic change rather than marginal change. In this post I'm going to take a closer look at that.

A system's key elements are: a group of actors (with some interests in common), their interactions, and the outcomes that result from those interactions.

A single actor can be part of more than one system at once, and systems can change over time. They can also vary in size.

Effective Altruism means Effective Inclusion

‘Are you earning to give?’

This is invariably one of the first questions I get asked when meeting new people at Effective Altruism meetings, and it always makes me feel guilty.

‘No,’ I explain ‘I’m training as a speech and language therapist. I’ll be working in education or the NHS. I’m never going to be earning huge sums of money.’


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