Workers distributing mosquito nets on behalf of the Against Malaria Foundation in Malawi (Against Malaria Foundation /

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Out of the box and into this world: behavioural economics and international development

Studies show that people often make bad decisions. Annoyingly bad decisions, for annoyingly petty reasons. Like that time you procrastinated getting back to a friend, for no obvious reason, and it turned out you missed out on a nice dinner, an evening at the pub or some such. In fact, you probably didn’t need studies to inform you that you sometimes make bad decisions. You knew that perfectly well already.

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Why you should be public about your good deeds

When I first started donating, I did so anonymously. My default is to be humble and avoid showing off. I didn’t want others around me to think that I have a stuffed head and hold too high an opinion of myself. I also didn’t want them to judge my giving decisions, as some may have judged them negatively.

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Six ways to double your impact this New Year's

If you're reading this, you may have already taken the Giving What We Can pledge. Nevertheless, we want to let you know that there is a pledge drive this New Year. We are looking to get as many new people to take the pledge as possible, and we need your help. If you can persuade somebody to commit 10% of their income to effective charities, you can potentially double your impact.

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