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Why I Give

In many ways, I am typical of the effective altruism community: an educated professional born in the developed world who eventually turned my analytical skills on my historically haphazard relationship to charity. But, unlike most in the community, I am significantly disabled and rarely leave my home.

Giving What We Can is Hiring! Director of Growth.

In just five years, Giving What We Can has grown to over 1150 members in 30 countries worldwide. The community has pledged over $450m towards ending poverty. We are looking for additional hires to build on this success.

Giving What We Can is Hiring! Research Analyst.

As Research analyst, you would help our efforts to find the charities which most effectively alleviate extreme poverty and advise the Giving What We Can community in their donation decisions. You would be reporting to our Director of Research, Hauke Hillebrandt.

Development, Population Growth and the Mortality-Fertility Link

Many people express the concern that population growth is a barrier to development . Different mechanisms have been postulated as to how population growth could impede development. For instance, when parents have large families they may be less able to invest in their children, whether this be by providing them adequate nutrition, healthcare or schooling. [1] [2] [3]The effects of this lack of investment are thought to undermine development.

Smart Legacy Giving

I have recently taken the Giving What We Can pledge and in doing so I have been looking into efficient ways of donating money to charity. Giving What We Can have a very helpful page on their website detailing the tax deductibility of charitable giving. However, I recently had cause to change my Will and in doing so I found a very tax-efficient way to give.


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