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Team at Giving What We Can February 2016 retreat Petersfield jumping in park

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Help us spread the word about giving more and giving more effectively — become an advocate for effective giving!

It's exciting to realise that we could all multiply our impact by raising awareness about the good we can do by donating to effective charities.

It turns out that by far the most common way people first hear about effective giving and Giving What We Can is through their friends.

By simply talking with friends and family about effective giving, you can massively increase your impact (all it takes is roughly one person to follow your lead for you to roughly double your impact).

Tips for talking about effective giving

To help you get started, we've collected some resources for how to talk about effective giving:

Ways to advocate for effective giving

Here are some other ways you could help advocate for effective giving:

  • Link to us from your website, social media, blog, or email signature.
  • Share your effective giving story on our blog or externally (e.g., your own blog, a local newspaper, student magazine, professional journal, company newsletter etc).
  • Update your profile picture on Facebook to include our photo frame.
  • Frame your physical pledge certificate and put it on your wall, desk, or shelf.
  • Invite people to our events, especially our Pledge Drive during December and January.
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Share our recommended videos, books, podcasts, and essays.
  • Fundraise for effective charities (while mentioning Giving What We Can, effective giving, or effective altruism).
  • Run an event or give a talk about effective giving (e.g., at work or school, religious or community group, book or social club).
  • Run a birthday fundraiser to raise money for an effective charity.
  • Give donations to friends and family as gifts (or ask for them as gifts) and choose effective charities (and mention why that matters).
  • Reference your pledge on your LinkedIn, CV, or other profile.
  • Write a review of an effective charity or Giving What We Can (e.g., Facebook, Trustpilot, or Sitejabber).
  • Volunteer with Giving What We Can or an effective charity.
  • Wear a t-shirt (or pin, hat, etc.) that advocates for effective giving.
  • Print out one of our posters  and post it somewhere.
  • Display your member badge (e.g., on your website, business card, or CV).

Please contact us if you would like to discuss other ways to get involved or would like any further resources.