Grace Adams
Good Food Institute
GiveWell: All Grants Fund

Grace Adams is raising money for StrongMinds, Good Food Institute and All Grants Fund.






The Inaugural GWWC Fundraising Page

Hi everyone!

This is the first fundraising page that we're creating with Giving What We Can's new Fundraising page product.

For this Giving Season, I invite you to join me in donating to my fundraising page. I've selected a split between:

The end of the year is a wonderful time to reflect on how much we can help others with the resources we've been given. Please reach out to me if you donate to this fundraiser so that I can thank you personally.




Grace Adams

Grace is the Head of Marketing at Giving What We Can.

She has worked in marketing, digital product and customer experience through various roles including as a management consultant.

Grace graduated with distinction from an applied bachelor of business with a major in marketing at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Having always wanted to do good, Grace was immediately taken with the ideas of effective giving and effective altruism when they were explained to her. She is working towards a flourishing future for all humans and non-human animals where suffering no longer exists.

In her personal time, Grace is an advocate for people living with migraine and has trained as a yoga teacher.

Raising for:

Charity 1/3

Mental Health Programs

StrongMinds is scaling effective depression treatment in sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging existing government and NGO infrastructure to bring proven therapy to its patients’ communities.

Good Food Institute
Charity 2/3
Good Food Institute

Alternative Protein Field Building

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international nonprofit working to improve the food system by developing and promoting plant- and cell-based alternatives to animal products.

GiveWell: All Grants Fund
Charity 3/3

All Grants Fund

GiveWell's All Grants Fund supports the full range of GiveWell’s grantmaking to high-impact opportunities, including at organisations outside of its top charities.