November Newsletter 2022: Giving Season

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23 Nov 2022

Do more than you thought possible this Giving Season

We are excited to encourage our global community to donate to highly effective charities this Giving Season. When we come together as a community, we can have an incredible impact and make the world better for all its inhabitants, for generations to come.

Just released: Giving What We Can’s top-rated and listed charities and funds for 2022

Giving What We Can has updated our top-rated and listed charities and funds. Our research team have applied our new inclusion criteria and worked closely with trusted evaluators GiveWell, Animal Charity Evaluators, Founders Pledge, Longview Philanthropy and EA Funds to develop the list of recommendations.

View Giving What We Can’s top-rated charities and funds

Join us for Effective Giving Day on Monday 28th November

Our community sharing why they give effectively

This year the global effective giving community is celebrating on the 28th of November (29th of November Asia/Pacific)!

Our event on YouTube Live will help you learn:

  • How just one person really can make a difference: How to 100x your impact through effective donations
  • The newest findings in the philanthropic space from industry leaders
  • How effective giving has benefitted our member’s lives: Featuring guest speakers bestselling author Rutger Bregman, ethicist Peter Singer and science broadcaster and professional poker player Liv Boeree

There are also events being held around the world in person and online in Toronto, Vancouver, São Paulo, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich, Heidelberg, Estonia, Italy and more!

Check out all Effective Giving Day events.

RSVP for Effective Giving Day via Facebook

Giving to high impact charities can help you do more good than you thought possible.

Join the global community of people who choose to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems through donating together.

Explore our Giving Season 2022 campaign to see how much money we’ve been able to raise for effective charities this season.

Giving Season with Giving What We Can

We hope to inspire many more people to join us in donating this Giving Season

New fundraising pages!

We have just launched our brand new fundraising pages. If you’d like to fundraise for effective charities this Giving Season, you can fill out our form. Also you might like to keep an eye out for fundraising pages from people in the community and support or share their fundraisers!


Updates from our Trusted Evaluators

Animal Charity Evaluators 2022 Charity Recommendations

Animal Charity Evaluators have just released their 2022 Charity Recommendations on the 22nd of November 2022.

Read their announcement and updates

GiveWell’s Updates

GiveWell's 2022 giving recommendations blog post is out!

  • GiveWell has set a goal of raising $600 million in 2022, but its research team has identified $900 million in highly cost-effective funding gaps, meaning $300 million of those funding gaps will remain unfilled without additional support. By donating between now and the end of the year, you can help GiveWell not only meet but exceed its goal—and say yes to more excellent opportunities to save and improve lives.
  • GiveWell's top recommendation for donors this year is its All Grants Fund, which is allocated to any funding need that meets its cost-effectiveness bar. This is the best option for donors who want to support the most promising opportunities GiveWell has found to help people, regardless of program or location. See here for examples of grants that could be funded by donations to the All Grants Fund.

Advocating for effective charities:

Donation Gift Cards:

If you’re looking to give a gift to friends and family this holiday season, you could use our holiday gift cards! They feature some information about effective giving, space to write your own message and are a great way to support effective charities. There is one ‘all purpose card, one for Against Malaria Foundation and one for GiveDirectly.

Find our Printable Holiday Gift Cards


Take an action:

We’ve produced a list of actions you can take to advocate for effective giving such as: Share your effective giving story, update your profile picture on social media to include our photo frame or Reference your pledge on your LinkedIn, CV, or other profile.

Ways to advocate for effective giving

Giving Season Events

Effective Giving Day - Main Online Event

Effective Giving Day Viewing Party, Lunch and Giving Game (Hosted by Effective Altruists of UBC & Vancouver)

  • 28 Nov at 19:00 UTC (London: 7:00 pm, Munich: 8:00 pm, New York 2:00 pm, San Francisco: 11:00 am)
  • Discord

Effective Giving Day: Toronto

Effective Giving Day: São Paulo

Effective Giving Day: Vancouver

Effective Giving Day: Heidelberg

Effective Giving Day: Estonia

Effective Giving Day: Tübingen

Effective Giving Day: Italy

Effective Giving Day: Sydney

Effective Giving Day: Melbourne

Munich GWWC/EA Event - December 2022

Are you hosting your own Effective Giving Day event?

Register your Effective Giving Day event with us!


Regular events




Open Forum

Our open forum is an event where you can come along with questions about effective giving and/or to meet others interested in effective giving. This event alternates between Europe/Asia and Americas/Oceania each month.

Next Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)


Finally, thank you for being a part of our community! Your support of effective charities has helped

save lives, improve wellbeing and make progress on some of the biggest challenges we are facing. It is a joy to know that there are thousands of people out there trying to do the most good they can with their donations.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season ahead,

Grace and the Giving What We Can team