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Giving What We Can for People of Faith

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3 Nov 2015

Giving What We Can is an alliance of people both religious and non-religious, united in the belief that where we can relieve suffering without having to make serious sacrifices, we should do so. It is a belief supported by many traditions and philosophies, both religious and otherwise.

The following member stories highlight the experiences of some members who have religious motivations for giving:

If you would like to talk about effective giving, effective altruism or The Pledge with other religious members, please contact:


Is there a faith-based community within Giving What We Can?

Yes! There are many religious members of both Giving What We Can and the broader effective altruism community around the world. You can find many of these groups and individuals on the Effective Altruism Forum community directory.

Can I give to faith-based international development charities (e.g. Christian Aid)?

The pledge commits you to give the charity you believe will do the most good in the world. If you believe that a faith-based international development charity will do the most good, giving to that charity would fulfil your pledge. We ask you to think carefully about which charity uses your money most effectively to make the world a better place, and consider the recommendations and advice provided by organisations like Giving What We Can.

Currently none of the Giving What We Can recommended charities are directly faith-based. However, the founders of many of the charities we support (such as GiveDirectly and The Good Food Institute) report faith-based motivations for starting these charities.