Simo’s Celebration of Life and Animal Welfare: Birthday Giving Campaign
Good Food Institute
The Humane League (Corporate campaign programs)
Effective Altruism Funds: Animal Welfare Fund

Simo Tumelius is raising money for Good Food Institute, The Humane League and the Animal Welfare Fund.






Simo’s Celebration of Life and Animal Welfare: Birthday Giving Campaign

🎉Hi everyone! I'm super excited to launch my Birthday Giving Campaign, and this year, it's all about giving back to a cause that's close to my heart: supporting the welfare of animals who find themselves vulnerable in a world increasingly shaped by human activity.

I'm inviting you to join me in making a positive difference in the lives of animals who, through no fault of their own, are unable to care for themselves amidst the challenges posed by our changing planet. Let's make this celebration one that extends our kindness and compassion beyond our immediate circle, reaching out to our furry, feathered, and finned friends across the globe.

For this special occasion, I have chosen to support these three amazing organizations making significant strides in animal welfare:

- Good Food Institute (GFI): At the forefront of revolutionizing our food system, GFI advocates for plant-based and cultivated alternatives to traditional animal products. Their dedication to creating a sustainable and compassionate future for food is something I deeply admire.

- The Humane League: Committed to ending the cruel practices of factory farming, The Humane League advocates for farm animals and implements effective strategies to create lasting change. Donations will support their corporate campaign work, which secures cage-free commitments from industry.

- Animal Welfare Fund: Supporting a wide range of initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of animals worldwide, this fund ensures that every donation goes towards a better future for animals.

To make our contributions even more impactful, I'm thrilled to announce that I will be matching all donations up to 10,000 EUR! This means your generosity will go twice as far in helping animals in need. Please note, all donations are made directly to the charities through the Giving What We Can platform, and not collected by me personally.

Thank you for considering my birthday wish, and here's to making a difference together! 🐾

Warmly, Simo


Simo Tumelius

Simo approaches entrepreneurship with a belief that business success and positive impact can go hand in hand. Committing 10% of his company’s revenue to meaningful causes, particularly animal welfare, Simo hopes to demonstrate how even a small portion of our success can create significant change for those in need.

Raising for:

Good Food Institute
Charity 1/3
Good Food Institute

Alternative Protein Field Building

The Good Food Institute (GFI) is an international nonprofit working to improve the food system by developing and promoting plant- and cell-based alternatives to animal products.

The Humane League (Corporate campaign programs)
Charity 2/3
The Humane League

Corporate Animal Welfare Campaigns

The Humane League exists to end the abuse of animals raised for food. It does this by influencing the policies of the world’s biggest companies, demanding legislation, and empowering others to take action and leave animals off their plates. We specifically recommend The Humane League’s work on corporate campaigns for chicken welfare.

Effective Altruism Funds: Animal Welfare Fund
Charity 3/3
Effective Altruism Funds

Animal Welfare Fund

The Animal Welfare Fund aims to effectively improve the wellbeing of nonhuman animals by making grants that focus on one or more best-in-class opportunities.