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Why are some members missing from or anonymous on our public member list?


Members may no longer be listed on our members page due to several reasons:

  • Resignation: Members who choose to voluntarily resign from Giving What We Can.
  • Expiration: Trial Pledge members are automatically removed from the list after their Trial Pledge reaches its end date.
  • Merge Requests: Some members have accidentally signed up twice and asked that their accounts be merged which may result in one or more pledges being removed.
  • Data Deletion Requests: In compliance with relevant regulations like GDPR, we honour requests for deletion of member information, which may not necessarily be taken to be a pledge resignation but does result in removal from our public members list.
  • Member Removals: In cases where members are identified as clearly fake accounts, or are nominated for removal due to actions significantly contradicting GWWC's values, mission or code of conduct.

Members may be listed as anonymous because:

  • They Requested Anonymity: Some members want to be a member of our pledge community but have legitimate concerns about their privacy, for example due to working in a sensitive occupation.
  • Nominated for Member Removal: When a member is nominated for removal we temporarily anonymise their pledge while it is under review.

Note that some members also choose to be pseudonymous or to use initials for some or part of their name.

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