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What are funding partners?


Giving What We Can is operated by a global network of funding partners. These partners are essential in promoting high-impact projects by raising awareness and funds. Here's a breakdown of their roles:

  • Regional operation: Each funding partner runs the Giving What We Can activities in their region. They use our website and brand to build a local effective giving community and raise funds for mutually supported programs. They provide a localised experience for our donors and members.
  • Grant management: These partners independently allocate grants to the organisations that carry out these programs, making sure everything aligns with our shared objectives and oversight.
  • Registered charities: Our partners are all registered charities in their operating country. This not only ensures that your donations have a significant impact but also makes them tax-efficient too.
  • Legal oversight and independence: After receiving donations, our partners have clear legal control and discretion over the funds. They ensure the donations are used exactly for their intended purposes, in line with their charitable status and local laws.
  • Wider collaboration: In addition to fundraising, many partners are involved in other local and international activities. This includes organising events, giving donor advice, contributing to research, providing technical support, and participating in international campaigns for high-impact projects.

If you're interested in supporting a program not available through your local funding partner, you can opt to donate to a different partner that does support it (simply change your country during the payment process or use the country switcher in our navigation bar). This may involve donating in another currency and might not offer the same tax benefits (although if your priority is maximising impact, these trade-offs might be worthwhile).

Our current funding partners are:

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