United States

When donating to any of our four recommended charities, many US donors will be able to claim back a significant portion of their donation that would otherwise be taxed. The money that can be claimed from a tax deductible donation will enable you to be more generous than you initially thought.

How do I claim my tax deduction?

You claim a tax deduction on a charitable contribution by including it as an itemised deduction on your individual income tax return (in Schedule A of Form 1040). To do this you will need a receipt of your contribution, which will be provided by the organisation you have donated to.

You will not be able to claim a tax-deduction on your donation if you use a "standard deduction" instead of itemizing your deductions on your tax return.

More information (including Schedule A and Form 1040) can be found here.

How do I claim tax deduction back from donations to your recommended charities?

Your contributions to the Against Malaria Foundation, Deworm the World and Project Healthy Children are all tax-deductible donations. You can claim your tax deduction by following the process outlined above.

In order to make tax-deductible contributions to Schistosomiasis Control Initiative you must donate through GiveWell (which is a US registered organisation). GiveWell will then give you a US tax receipt for your contribution. It will not charge any fees for taking a donation for the support of SCI.

How much can I claim back?

This website will calculate the amount that you can claim back from your donation: