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Welcome to our new website!

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7 Apr 2014


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the brand new Giving What We Can website! It has a new look, new structure and new features. Have look around, and let us know what you think.

The new website aims to be more accessible than the previous one. We’ve tried to give a new reader a clear pathway to follow through it, ending in a call to action – joining Giving What We Can. Since joining Giving What We Can is a substantial commitment, which not everyone is ready to take right away, the new website puts more emphasis on Try Giving. Try Giving allows people to choose the percentage they’d like to donate, and over what period they’ll do that. People can use it to trial donating 10% for a short period, or to build up their giving gradually towards 10%. The website also makes it easier to donate through the Giving What We Can Trust (having that option always available in the top bar), in keeping with our core mission to move money to the most effective charities.

Building this website has been an immense project, for the successful completion of which we’re grateful to a great number of people. The largest share of the credit goes to our Director of Communications, Steph (regardless of how much she’ll try to deny it!). She oversaw the project from its beginnings, and managed the large number of people all working on different parts. She made sure that everything ran smoothly and that the result was the polished product you’re now looking at. Our Webmaster, Jacob, has been working tirelessly on the project alongside his PhD. As well as building new features and pages, he’s been responsible for bug fixing – a task which has at times led to anguished cries, (tame) swearing, and head banging. Thankfully, he’s survived to this point.

We’re also very grateful to the designers, and to Peter Orr who wrote all the new copy for the website. A large amount of the coding was expertly done by our Director of Operations, Tom. We are also incredibly grateful to and Adam Malone and Aurelien Navarre- two highly skilled volunteers from Drupal, who we met through ‘.impact’. Finally, we have been fortunate enough to have received help on coding, editing and bug finding from many dedicated and talented volunteers – thank you all very much!

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the new website. I particularly recommend checking out the new calculator. A page you might like to look over, as providing what we hope is a useful call to action, is What You Can Achieve. The page to keep an eye on in the future is My Giving. It allows you to track your giving and shows you the impact you’re having on people’s lives. We hope you’ll find it to be a useful resource!