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Director of Development (Canada)

Recruitment for the Country Director and Director of Development positions is currently on hold. We appreciate your understanding and patience. For any questions, please reach out to

As the Director of Development, you will be instrumental in driving GWWC’s fundraising initiatives. This role is centred around developing and implementing innovative fundraising strategies, building strong relationships with donors, and securing funding to support the growth of effective giving.

Why this role might excite you:

In this role, you will:

  • Play a key role in shaping the future of philanthropy through effective giving.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with a network of passionate donors and stakeholders.
  • Work within a globally recognized organisation, directly contributing to its impactful mission.
  • Enjoy a dynamic and flexible work environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
  • Have the opportunity to lead and implement cutting-edge fundraising strategies.
  • Be part of a supportive and collaborative team committed to making a tangible difference.

Key responsibilities:

As the Director of Development, your focus will be:

  • Spearheading fundraising and development activities to advance GWWC’s mission.
  • Cultivating and maintaining robust relationships with donors, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Crafting and executing innovative strategies to increase funding and support.
  • Collaborating with the marketing and communications team to optimise fundraising campaigns.
  • Aligning fundraising activities with GWWC’s overall goals and ethical values.
  • Organising and participating in fundraising events and initiatives.

We have advertised six roles with overlapping responsibilities across the US, UK, and Canada (each a Country Director and Director of Development) for which we expect to hire 2-4 candidates throughout 2024. You are welcome to apply for multiple roles using the same application, and we are open to discussing hybrid roles.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Brings substantial experience in fundraising, development, or sales, ideally within the nonprofit sector.
  • Demonstrates a successful track record in securing funds and fostering donor relationships.
  • Exhibits excellent communication and interpersonal skills, crucial for donor engagement.
  • Is highly motivated and strategically focused on achieving results.
  • Works well in a team environment, effectively collaborating with various departments.
  • Holds the necessary work authorization in the UK and can travel as required for donor engagement and fundraising events.

We recognize that not every candidate will have every quality listed and are committed to providing training and support. We are also open to negotiating the exact title and responsibilities to best fit the right candidate, aiming for the most beneficial outcome as our team grows.

Salary, location, benefits and timing

Our salary calculator gives a range of CAD $104,300 — $136,100, depending on experience, seniority, and location (read more about how we think about compensation here). We have a preference for full-time but are open to other arrangements.

The role is Canada-remote and will involve travel. We have a preference for someone based in or easily able to travel to one of our key cities such as Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal.

Benefits may vary slightly by location but typically include:

  • Prioritised health & wellbeing: We provide private medical, vision, and dental insurance; up to 3 weeks’ paid sick leave; and a mental health allowance of USD $5,000 each year.
  • Flexible working: You’re generally free to set your own schedule (with some overlapping hours with colleagues as needed).
  • Generous vacation: 25 days’ holiday each year, plus public holidays.
  • Professional development opportunities: We offer a USD $5,000 allowance each year for professional development. We build in opportunities for career growth through on-the-job learning, increasing responsibility, and role progression pathways.
  • Parental leave and support: New parents have up to 14 weeks of fully-paid leave and up to 52 weeks of leave in total. We can also provide financial support to help parents balance childcare needs.
  • Pension & income protection: We offer a 10% employer / 0% employee 401(k) contribution, and income protection (“disability insurance”).
  • Equipment to help your work-from-home and on-the-go productivity: We’ll pay for high-quality and ergonomic equipment (laptop, monitors, chair, etc.).
  • Global team retreats: As a remote team we hold in-person staff retreats once to twice a year, to work on our plans and build strong working relationships.

We are particularly interested in candidates who can start between May and September 2024.

Application process

Here’s a summary of the application process for a successful candidate. We might make adjustments.

  1. Complete this application.
  2. Complete 1-2 paid work tests designed to simulate the work you would do if hired and evaluate certain skills important for success in the role.
  3. Attend a remote interview.
  4. Submit references.
  5. As needed, additional paid tasks or additional interviews to allow you and us to see what it would be like if you worked at GWWC.
  6. Receive an employment offer!

We have advertised 6 roles with overlapping responsibilities across the US, UK and Canada for which we expect to hire 2-4 throughout 2024. You can apply for multiple of them using the same application.

We will review applications in batches until we secure our ideal hires. The deadline for the first batch of applicants is February 11 at 11:59 PM GMT.


Contact for any questions relating to this role. We held a Q&A for this role and other similar ones on 10 January 2023 at 8:30pm UTC. You can read the submitted questions and watch the recording of the Q&A here.

About GWWC

GWWC is on a mission to create a world in which giving effectively and significantly is a cultural norm.

We believe that charitable donations can do an astonishing amount of good. However, because the effectiveness of different charities varies wildly, it is important that we donate to the most effective charities if we want to have a significant impact.

We are focused on increasing the number of donors who prioritise effectiveness, and helping them to maximise their charitable impact throughout their lives. We are best known for the Giving What We Can Pledge, where 8,841 people have pledged to give over 10% of their lifetime income to high-impact charities. To date, our pledgers — representing over 100 countries — have donated an estimated $333 million USD to high-impact charities, and have committed nearly $3 billion more via their lifetime pledges.

The GWWC team is hard-working and mission-focused, with a culture of open and honest feedback. We also like to think of ourselves as a particularly friendly and optimistic bunch.

In all our work, we strive to take a positive and collaborative attitude, be transparent in our communication and decision-making, and adopt a scout mindset to guide us towards doing the most good we can do, including by evaluating our own impact and learning from the results. To learn more, check out our current strategy.

Diversity & inclusion

We’re an equal opportunities employer and value diversity at our organisation. We don’t discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability. We’re happy to make any reasonable accommodations necessary to welcome all to our organisation.