Thirty-three for charity

Thirty-three for charity

Hiya! On the 1st of July, it's my 33rd birthday, and so I'm almost one-third into my first century!? Luckily I have a lot to be grateful for: a challenging but rewarding job at TU Delft, a wonderful orchestra where I play music each week, and many friends I meet and play games with regularly. But many people on this planet are not so lucky, and live with hunger, poverty, illness, or violence.

As a well-off person living in a rich country, I have recognize that I have a huge opportunity to help these people. This is why since six years ago, I donate 10% of my income to charities that are working on some of the most pressing issues facing humanity, such as global healthcare and climate change. But there is a limit to how much difference one person can make, so I want to do an experiment: how many other people can I convince to donate a small (or large) amount to charity?

Concretely, I decided to run a fundraiser here on the website of Giving What We Can. For this fundraiser, I picked three charities: the Lead Exposure Elimination Project (a charity advocating for the elimination of lead in paint in low- and middle-income countries), the Clean Air Task Force (a non-profit that advocates for clean air measures and innovation in neglected low-carbon technologies), and the NTI Biosecurity Program (a non-profit global security organisation focused on reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic pandemics). I've picked these charities because (1) they work on problems I believe are important, (2) they work by influencing policy rather than direct action, so they have a real shot at improving things structurally and (3) they are recommended by Founder's Pledge, a respected charity evaluator.

If you want to contribute, here's how it works: you can donate by credit card or bank transfer via Giving What We Can, or (if you have a Dutch bank) send me your donation at and I will transfer it. To encourage you, for each person donating at least 1€, I will add 10€ to the donation! 100% of the money you donate will go to the three charities I picked. No matter how much you choose to donate, know that it makes me very happy to know you care!


Jesper Cockx

Assistant professor at TU Delft, Agda developer, TTRPG geek, bassoon player at KH Delft, 6-year member of Giving What We Can.

Raising for:

Lead Exposure Elimination Project
Charity 1/3
Lead Exposure Elimination Project

Lead Policy Advocacy

Lead Exposure Elimination Project (LEEP) drives effective policies to eliminate lead poisoning across the globe. Its current focus is on ending the sale and manufacture of lead paint worldwide.

Clean Air Task Force
Charity 2/3
Clean Air Task Force

Climate Research & Advocacy

The Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is an international nonprofit that promotes technical and policy change for the climate. CATF values pragmatism and believes all promising options should be explored to prevent catastrophic climate change.

Nuclear Threat Initiative — Biosecurity programme
Charity 3/3
Nuclear Threat Initiative

Global Biological Policy and Programs

Transform global security by driving systemic solutions to biological threats imperiling humanity.