Lydia's Half-Marathon Fundraiser

Lydia Field is raising money for StrongMinds.






Lydia's Half-Marathon Fundraiser

On April 2nd, I will be running 21 kilometres in the Berlin Half-Marathon. (To date, I've never run more than 10k!)

I'm looking to raise £100 for every kilometre I will run, so £2,100 or US$ 2,600 overall.

I'm running for Strong Minds, a really effective charity that provides free talk-therapy to low-income women and adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa. More than 80% of their clients are depression free at the end of treatment.

I'd love your support in helping me reach my goal! Please give generously xo

*My company will match the first £250 raised, so we only need to get to £1,850 to reach the goal!


Lydia Field

Lydia is an economist with an interest in effective charities. She donates 10% of her income to effective charities through payroll giving.

She believes that we have a responsibility to make the world a better place, and that one effective way to do that is to give to highly effective charities like StrongMinds.

Raising for:


Mental Health Programs

StrongMinds is scaling effective depression treatment in sub-Saharan Africa, leveraging existing government and NGO infrastructure to bring proven therapy to its patients’ communities.