ISM Superhero Global Citizens Club - Fundraiser
GiveWell: Top Charities Fund

ISM Superhero Global Citizens Club is raising money for Top Charities Fund.


€25,000 goal


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ISM Superhero Global Citizens Club - Fundraiser

We are raising funds for highly efficient charities with the most cost-effective outcomes to help do the most good we can do in the world.

The charities currently supported through the GiveWell Top Charities Fund are: Against Malaria Foundation, Hellen Keller International, New Incentives and the Malaria Consortium.

We want to save lives this year and we need YOUR help!


ISM Superhero Global Citizens Club

The Club was created to recognise that we literally have the power of superheroes to do good in the world.

By working together and using our entrepreneurial spirit we can creatively raise funds to literally save many by supporting charities with the most effective outcomes.

By contributing, you too become a superhero and help change the world for the better!

Raising for:

GiveWell: Top Charities Fund

Top Charities Fund

The Top Charities Fund supports the highest-priority funding needs among GiveWell’s top charities, which are evidence-backed, high-impact, and highly cost-effective opportunities to save and improve the lives of people living in low- and lower-middle-income countries.