High Impact Professionals Fundraiser

High Impact Professionals Fundraiser

This is a fundraiser to help professionals get 100-1000x more impact from their charitable donations. There are millions of nonprofits in the world, all promoting worthy causes and all in need of more funding. With such a bewildering array of options, how do we decide where to give most effectively?

This fundraiser offers three different places to have some of the biggest possible impact with a one-off donation:

Against Malaria Foundation, which aims to provide long-lasting insecticidal nets to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa.

New Incentives, which believes that “no child should die of a preventable disease” and that “small cash incentives are a proven, cost-effective way to boost vaccination rates and save lives.”

Helen Keller International's Vitamin A Supplementation Program, a charity on a mission to deliver the essential building blocks of good health, sound nutrition, and clear vision to help millions of people create lasting change in their own lives.

On average, donating $3,000 to $4,500 will help these charities protect enough people that someone would have otherwise likely died (and many more would’ve gotten very sick) had that amount not been donated!


High Impact Professionals

Our mission at High Impact Professionals is to help people in the private sector have the biggest impact possible.

Raising for:

Against Malaria Foundation
Charity 1/3
Against Malaria Foundation

Bednets To Prevent Malaria

Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) works to prevent malaria-caused deaths and illness by distributing long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets in at-risk, low-income communities. The organisation also consistently monitors its impact through surveys and case rate data.

New Incentives
Charity 2/3
New Incentives

Childhood Immunisation Incentives

New Incentives’ mission is to save lives in a way that does the most good per dollar. Guided by evidence, they provide cash incentives to increase childhood vaccination rates.

Helen Keller Intl— Vitamin A supplementation programme
Charity 3/3
Helen Keller International

Vitamin A Supplementation

Helen Keller Intl partners with governments across Africa and Asia to provide millions of children every year with lifesaving vitamin A supplements and other nutrients.