Good Ancestors Office Fundraiser

Good Ancestors Office Fundraiser

The Good Ancestors Project is selling its excess office furniture in order to raise funds for effective longtermist charities! If you'd like to buy some things, please contact Bradley Tjandra (

We can't see who has donated, so please send evidence of your payment to with the subject: "Office sale - <<Item>> $<<Amount donated in AUD>>" (replacing <<Item>> with the item you bought and <<Amount donated in AUD>> with the amount you donated in AUD).


The Good Ancestors Project

The Good Ancestors Project's mission is to identify project ideas that could positively affect future generations, connect talented individuals to work on them, and provide support.

Raising for:

Longview Philanthropy: Emerging Challenges Fund
Charity 1/3
Longview Philanthropy

Emerging Challenges Fund

The Emerging Challenges Fund — managed by Longview Philanthropy — directs funding to highly effective organisations working to safeguard the long-term future of humanity.

Founders Pledge: Patient Philanthropy Fund
Charity 2/3
Founders Pledge

Patient Philanthropy Fund

The Patient Philanthropy Fund invests contributions and will deploy funds when they are needed most to safeguard and improve the long-term future.

Effective Altruism Funds: Long-Term Future Fund
Charity 3/3
Effective Altruism Funds

Long-Term Future Fund

The Long-Term Future Fund aims to positively influence the long-term trajectory of civilisation by making grants that address global catastrophic risks, especially potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence and pandemics.