Émile and Nathan’s GiveDirectly Christmas Fundraiser

Nathan Young and ​​Émile Torres is raising money for GiveDirectly.






Émile and Nathan’s GiveDirectly Christmas Fundraiser

We disagree on a lot, but we agree that the poorest people in the world deserve better.

Join us in donating money directly to them. When we argue on the internet it’s good to have a sense of perspective. We have some serious disagreements (eg here, here or here) but we shouldn’t lose sight of some even more important things we agree on. We agree that the poorest people in the world deserve our concern and that giving money to them directly is a really effective way of doing this. GiveDirectly is as straightforward as effective charity gets, you just give money and they distribute it!

GiveDirectly is good because:

  • It’s simple. We give them money, and they give 90% directly the world’s poorest (and 10% expenses is very good in this space)
  • It’s effective. Money goes a lot further in poor nations than in rich ones. What might seem like a little to you is a huge amount to them
  • It’s scalable. While we can disagree on the best use of $100mn, GiveDirectly is about the only organisation that could reasonably and effectively move billions soon. If nation-states want to improve their giving, GiveDirectly is a great formula (email them! info@givedirectly.org).
  • It’s dignifying. Cash transfers are probably ignored because people think it’s too simple. But beneath that is the idea that poor people can’t be trusted with money. The studies disagree! Poor people know what they need and when they get money they do fine!

Christmas is a time for coming together. And in the spirit of that, let’s agree to help the world's poorest.


Nathan Young and ​​Émile Torres

Émile is a philosopher whose work focuses on the nature and causes of human extinction, its ethical implications, and the history of the idea.

Nathan works in forecasting and prediction markets trying to find new ways for us to gather the information together.

Raising for:


Direct Cash Transfers

GiveDirectly is a nonprofit that lets donors send money directly to the world’s poorest households. GiveDirectly believes people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice.