Election Candidate: Giving What We Can
Giving What We Can

Grace Adams is raising money for Giving What We Can.






Election Candidate: Giving What We Can

Giving What We Can is making giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm - and raising a lot of funds for highly effective charities.

We're currently seeking funding to continue our work and ensure that we can inspire many more people to give effectively in the future. In 2024, we're hoping to hit 10,000 lifetime pledges.

If your goal is to get resources into the hands of highly- effective charities, we believe supporting Giving What We Can is a great funding opportunity. Here's the impact we have:

The monetary impact of GWWC is best documented in our most recent Impact Evaluation, which suggests that from 2020 to 2022:

  • GWWC generated an additional $62 million in value for highly-effective charities
  • GWWC had a giving multiplier of 30x, meaning that for each $1 spent on our operations, we generated $30 of value to highly-effective charities
  • Each new GWWC Pledge generates >$20,000 of value for highly-effective charities that would not have happened without GWWC.

The cultural impact of GWWC (although harder to quantify) has also been significant by making the idea of giving 10% accessible and compelling to a broader audience. “Pledging 10%” has become a touchstone of the effective giving community—inspiring TED talks, launching clubs, & drawing curiosity & praise from press around the world.

For more on our impact: https://www.givingwhatwecan.org/impact


Grace Adams

Grace is the Head of Marketing at Giving What We Can. She has worked in marketing, digital product and customer experience through various roles including as a management consultant. Grace graduated with distinction from an applied bachelor of business with a major in marketing at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Having always wanted to do good, Grace was immediately taken with the ideas of effective giving and effective altruism when they were explained to her. She is working towards a flourishing future for all humans and non-human animals where suffering no longer exists. In her personal time, Grace is an advocate for people living with migraine and has trained as a yoga teacher.

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Giving What We Can
Giving What We Can

Effective Giving Research & Advocacy

Giving What We Can — the nonprofit organisation behind this website and donation platform — is a community of effective givers. We provide the support, community, and information donors need to do the most good with their charitable donations. Donating to this program supports our core operations.