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Why give now, rather than later in life or in my will?


There are a number of reasons to give while you earn, rather than leaving it until later:

  • It is all too easy to put off giving and never quite get around to doing so. Giving while you earn is a way to seize the bull by the horns.
  • If you give while you are still earning, your gifts are tax deductible. This means that the government effectively gives more to the same cause. This is not applicable if you wait until you have finished earning.
  • The money you give has long term benefits to the causes which receive it. Curing someone of disease today means that they will be able to contribute much more to their society and its economy from now on, increasing the effectiveness of your donation. In effect, donating earlier does more good more quickly than donating later.
  • If you give as you earn and join Giving What We Can, you can contribute to a larger movement towards effective giving. This will help foster a culture of giving.

We often encourage people to both give now and to also leave a bequest to charity in their will.

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