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Where can I find more donation options?


While our list of the best charities to support have been thoroughly researched and vetted as exceptional opportunities for impact, our donation platform also supports a number of other programmes that broadly align with our principles — in other words, all of these programmes are addressing a pressing problem and taking a reasonably promising approach. This means that you can support these organisations (which we call “other supported programmes”) through our donation platform, but that we either a) don’t (yet) have enough data to justify recommending them, or b) know that they don’t meet our current criteria for being recommended. We think these other supported programmes likely have varying degrees of impact; some could be more impactful than our current recommendations but simply have yet to be evaluated by one of our impact-focused evaluators; others were previously recommended by one of our impact-focused evaluators, but due to changing criteria are not currently recommended; and still others are likely significantly less impactful than our current recommendations, but are still doing work in a high-impact cause area. You can learn more about each programme on its individual programme page.


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