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What are the Giving What We Can cause area funds?


Previously, we recommended several different top-rated funds for each of the cause areas we believe to be particularly impactful. However, donors often weren’t sure how to choose among them. Giving What We Can cause area funds were created to help solve this problem, providing donors with a single, high-impact fund option for each cause area (along with the All Causes Bundle, which allows donors to support organisations in all three of our high-impact cause areas).

If you choose to donate to one of our cause area funds, your money will be pooled with donations from other donors and then allocated to high-impact charities working within that cause area. The Giving What We Can research team allocates the donations based on their latest research on where impact is most maximised, in consultation with the recommendations of vetted evaluators within the cause area. Thus, Giving What We Can cause area funds allow donors to set up one donation, knowing that it will always reflect the current recommendations of the Giving What We Can research team.

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