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What are the Giving What We Can Pledge Pins?


Pledging to give at least 10% of your income over a lifetime to effective charities is a significant and meaningful commitment, and we would like to provide our members that are on track with their pledge with a pin to commemorate their commitment.

The pledge pin serves not only as a reminder to ourselves about our pledge but as a subtle way to advocate for effective giving when out and about. Who knows, you might strike up a few conversations about effective giving or even serendipitously meet another member and make a new friend as a result!

The black and gold 1 year pledge pin

The 1 year Pledge Pin

We have selected gold pins, with black enamel for after 1 year, white enamel for after 10 years and red enamel for after 20 years. Once the organisation reaches its 20th anniversary, we will announce additional milestone pins.

We will provide these pins to members who are on track with their pledge (at 100% or more with income reported in the last 12 months) and have passed their one and 10 year pledge anniversary

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