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How do I calculate my pledge if I’m a student?


Some circumstances change the amount of your giving pledge, such as while you are a student.

Many students have little or no income, but are largely supported by money from family members, the government or a student loan.

A giving pledge does not require you to donate any of this funding (although it does commit you regarding any future income). However, in the interests of all of our members giving what they can, we feel that it's within the spirit of the to donate something regularly if they can and it is therefore conventional for students to give at least 1% of their spending money.

We define spending money as money received for the purpose of spending on items such as food, rent, travel, or personal items. It does not include spending on tuition fees.

Of course, students who earn some income but depend on other help for their living expenses may choose to donate 10% of their earnings if they want to go above and beyond.

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