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Can I report donations to any charity using the pledge dashboard?


Pledged members are free to decide where they donate, so long as you sincerely believe that they offer the most effective way to improve the lives of others.

Members can donate directly to charities or by using our Donation Platform (for charities that meet our inclusion criteria).

If members donate directly to charities we ask that they record their donations, recipients and donation dates, as well as their annual income, using our Pledge Dashboard.

Each year we conduct a giving review where we remind members to report donations and income. If for any reason you would prefer not to provide this information, that's okay. However, we do appreciate if you reply with a confirmation of whether you have kept to your pledge.

This reporting is optional, but the information it provides is very useful for the following reasons:

  • It allows us to track the proportion of members who follow through on their giving pledge, showing us whether the commitment we encourage is realistic and is working.
  • It allows us to quantify the impact that we have had on the charities we recommend, by comparing the amount people have donated with the amount they would have donated had they not joined Giving What We Can.

When reporting donations using our Pledge Dashboard members can find many charities we recommend, charities that other members have donated to, and also add new charities to our database if they are not already on there.

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