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Can I donate to your charities using a donor-advised fund (DAF)?


You can donate to charities and funds available on our donation platform from a donor-advised fund by following these steps:

1. Create your donation using our donation platform:

  • Select the recipients (e.g. charities, organisations, or funds)
  • Specify the amount to each recipient
  • Begin payment process
  • Choose "Check/Bank Transfer"
  • Complete the steps right to the end
  • Save your reference number for step #2

Select "Bank Transfer" as Payment Method

2. Donate via your DAF

  • Select 'Effective Ventures Foundation' as the grant recipient
    • USA EIN: 47-1988398
    • UK Charity Number: 1149828
    • Netherlands ANBI: 825776867
  • If possible, specify the reference number from step #1

Please note that there may be a significant delay between the time the donation is made and the time it is reconciled (at which point you will receive your email confirmation/receipt).

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