Student Leaders

Student leaders are at the core of the programme

Student leaders use their creativity to determine the best ways to run a successful election at their school. They walk away with new skills and a sense of confidence in their ability to make a difference in the world.

The opportunity to become a student leader is open to highly motivated, reliable students who want to make a positive impact in the world. Student leaders earn Service Leadership Certificates from Giving What We Can, which make a unique addition to work, internship, and college applications.


Running the election

The suggested time commitment for each student leader is 15 hours over the course of 5-7 weeks as they plan and organise the election. Their responsibilities include:

  • Completing a short training programme
  • Spreading awareness about the charities and encouraging students to vote
  • Interviewing students and teachers about the election
  • Publishing and announcing the election results

Apply now FAQ

🗳️ 2022 sponsorships now open! It is recommended that you receive approval from a teacher or administrator before applying, or even apply together with a favourite teacher. The deadline to apply for sponsorship is at least one month before the election would be held.

“The Charity Election process gave us advanced insight into how campaigns and funding work, while simultaneously providing us with experience helping promote highly effective charities to the general public. It taught us leadership skills, problem solving, and was a very fun class activity, especially for a government and politics class, where there was so much to take away. Overall, the experience gave us fulfilment and knowledge while providing us with reason to promote donations to outstanding causes.”
- Lucia Willkomm and Maggie Muth, AP Government & Politics

Student Mentor Team

The student mentors are primarily university students based at Georgetown University, as well as one high school student, who are devoted to the idea that student leaders will appreciate support from peers as they coordinate the election.

The Student Mentor Team will debrief with student leaders after their training, discuss how to publicise the election, and otherwise be available to answer questions, suggest strategies and help make the event a fun and meaningful experience via email.

Student mentors can also provide resources after the event to help student leaders become founders of their own clubs related to the election, the charities on the ballot, etc.

If you are a student leader, you will get to know some of our student mentors below! You can follow us on Instagram for inspirations and updates posted by the Student Mentor Team.

Kearney Capuano

Student Mentorship Coordinator

Kearney is in her junior year at Georgetown University studying Global Health, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Jeffrey Mueller

Student Mentorship Coordinator

Jeffrey is in his junior year at Georgetown University studying Political Economy and Chinese.

Hamidah Oderinwale

Digital Community Lead

Hamidah is in her senior year of high school in Canada with special interests in cognitive science and moral philosophy.

Other staff

The other staff support the student mentors and are also available as resources for student leaders.

Greg Gianopoulos

Founder and Project Lead

Greg (he/him) is a graduate student in school psychology with particular interest in youth voice and positive school climate.

Adam Steinberg

Communications Lead

Adam, who has an MA from NYU and songwriting chops, has taught IB English around the world, published an environmental magazine, and produced educational software.

Jenny Chapman

UK Development Lead

Jenny is a biologist, teacher and school sustainability network coordinator who believes in giving students opportunities to make a meaningful difference.

Alicia Pollard


Alicia is in her second year studying Philosophy and Psychology at the New College of the Humanities (Northeastern - London), where she runs the Effective Altruism student society.