School Successes

Schools are running charity elections around the world

Congratulations to all the schools that ran charity elections in previous years! Here are profiles of some schools that have implemented the programme in previous years.

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Balcatta Senior High School

Student leaders at Balcatta Senior High School published an article on the election on their school’s website. The election was organised by a team of students and teacher in the Save the World club, and seven students received Service Leadership Certificates. The winning charity was the Seva Foundation, which received a donation that can restore eyesight for ~9 people with curable blindness who cannot afford surgery.


Winston Preparatory School

After running a charity election event that saw over 80% of the student body voting, the election coordinator at Winston Preparatory School presented the results of his school’s charity election at the teacher professional development programme, What Does 21st Century Civic Engagement Look Like?, hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (the New York Fed).

EXPLO at Yale University

EXPLO at Yale University began regular discussions of philosophy with students who stopped by the voting booth, which was featured on their Instagram page. The team of student leaders in the Philosophy class presented the election to students and teachers in their summer learning programme, representing dozens of countries around the world.


Northfield High School

The social studies department at Northfield High School has run the programme for several consecutive years with a variety of charities. After one charity election, a group of students started an animal welfare group and created a digital plant-based cookbook. After another, student leaders in the AP Government & Politics class published a post on the Giving What We Can blog with their teacher.


Teacher Testimonials

“Students and teachers were given a great opportunity to discuss personal responsibility about worldwide issues. Researching a charity and casting a vote that includes actual funds to the winning charity gave students a chance to truly practise what it means to be ‘global citizens.’” - Kevin Dahle, Civics teacher, former Minnesota state senator, and Minnesota Alliance With Youth board member
“This was such a valuable exercise for the pupils who perhaps hadn’t thought about why you might choose one charity over another and it allowed in-depth discussion of how important cost-effectiveness is and how you might measure impact. Inclusion of The Humane League as an option to be selected also prompted a discussion surrounding the idea of expanding our moral circle and how much importance we place on animal suffering. Feedback from pupils in the rest of the school was very positive, and they appreciated being asked directly about their views." - Emma Kenzie, Geography teacher, charities coordinator, and facilitator, “Building a Better Future”
"I think the charity election was a phenomenal success / experience for our kids and I'm even hoping to take part again next year if it's an option! I think it was an incredible way to very straightforwardly introduce the concept of EA and in a context that made the underlying theme of measuring impact that much more clear since students actually got to vote on what would be most impactful for them." - Dan Roeder, Maths teacher